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Welcome to 7chip


We are Creative

World is changing very quickly, Technologies also changing fast. In this world it is very difficult to follow changes. But we have courage, we like to take risks so we adopt recent technologies as fast as possible.

Website Design

  • Complete Website
  • High Performance
  • UI/UX Design & Creative
  • Optimized for Fast Loading
  • Clean Source Code
  • HTML/HAML/PUG Template
  • Open Source/ Licenced Plugins

Web Development

  • Ruby on Rails/ Laravel Framework
  • WordPress/Drupal
  • Clean Source Code
  • Modern Frontend Frameworks

E-Commerce Application

  • Woo-Commerce Websites
  • OpenCart/PrestaShop Application
  • Shopify E-Commerce Websites
  • Paypal/Stripe JS integration
  • Other 3rd Party Payment Systems
  • Optimized and SEO Friendly

Why Choose Us

We are responsible and dedicated team with proven experience in Web development and Optimization.

We provide latest technologies and focus not only today's requirement but also future.


Our young and highly qualified team always like to take challenging work with full potential


Provide highly professional service for all clients whether it small or big Projects


Highly experience software engineers with proven track Experience. We have minimum 3-4 Experience Web Developers.

We use

Each day we hear new Technologies for Web. New Technologies have lots of advantages but we need to select them carefully. Many technologies replace with newer one, so there won't be any development and it will very hard to get it's support or 3rd party packages. We select only solid technologies which will there for more than years. We also look on community, availability of 3rd party support and everything that will affect a Project

Ruby on Rails, Laravel, WordPress like Framework/CMS are very mature and have big community with active development. It also add latest trends, latest features in it's latest releases. We can trust and we recommend these for our valuable clients.